African and African American women are generally beautiful. Their darker skin tones give them a natural look which also implies that they do not need to wear too much make-up. For most African women, make-up is discovered in their teenage years. It is unfortunate that make-up advertisements put women with darker skin tones at a disadvantage since are commonly advertised by women with lighter skin tones.

Make-up for the African woman

For African and African American women, make-up does not have to be dull, but it should enhance their complexion.

The basics for African and African American women are:

-A good foundation for a natural look. Choose the right foundation specifically designed for African/African American skin tones. The intention is to look as natural as possible.

– Using a similar shade of powder as that of the face. Blush should match their skin tone or imitate flushed cheeks.

– The right choice of eye make-up is very essential for African/African American women. For those with lighter skin tones, a shade of pink or peach eye shadow looks good. Those with darker skin tones can choose to forego eyeshadow or work with a lighter layer that matches their skin. An addition of mascara completes the eyes.

-There are many options for the lips from range of lipstick colors to lip glosses. The lipstick used should flatter the lips and the face as well.

Many African/ African American women assume that being natural means being make-up free. However, this is not the case. A natural look implies rightfully enhancing your beauty.

Makeup Brands

There are many companies that produce makeup suitable for African/African American skin tones. Some of the trusted brands are Black Opal, Mac and many more. While talking about makeup brands, we cannot forget to mention the makeup brand owned by celebrity singer, Rihanna. Rihanna established a makeup line known as Fenty primarily to cater for the makeup needs of the African/African American woman. Fenty has a range of products from eyeliners to foundations that are suitable for darker skin tones.

Despite all the natural beauty of African/African American women, their faces are still vulnerable to facial problems. This is greatly determined by their genetic composition. Here are a few problems that black women face and how they can deal with such conditions.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that African/African American have natural beauty. Makeup does not define their beauty and neither do facial conditions.

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