African style clothing has infiltrated the American clothing market as we know it. African garbs adorned within the borders of America can make you stand out quite considerably. However, adorning an African attire and dressing it up with intricate traditional accessories within the African continent is not unusual.

The manner and grandeur in which Africans so effortlessly flaunt can leave you breathless and in awe. The world, clearly affected by the unique designs and hues that African clothing exudes, has slowly begun to embrace it.  This has led to an upsurge of African clothing online and offline stores to meet the growing needs of customers.

One of the most advantageous aspects that comes with African clothing, is that they are versatile. You can wear them to just about any occasion or event. Undoubtedly, you’ll definitely stand out and hold your own. Yet, in the African culture, certain African dresses are specifically for certain occasions. Hence, we shall be focusing on that in this article.

Below, we take a look at a list of different types of African dresses. Please note, that the type of dresses mentioned below will be listed according to their appropriate occasions. Let us take a look.


Gomesi, a dress that originates and is inspired by the Busoga and Buganda tribe is pure elegance. With a length that drapes all the way to the floor, you will look nothing short of regal. This type of dresses maintains a sense of modesty and conservativeness.

More often than not, Kenyan and Ugandan women are known to wear this during weddings. Their elegant design and silk material that seems almost lustrous makes it perfect for such an occasion.


The Kaftan, also known as the African robe, exudes both timelessness and elegance flawlessly. This African dress, as the name suggests, reaches past your ankles. This dress has long sleeves to match its length. To match its elegance, the dresses are often adorned with an intricate pattern on the front.

This dress is popular in North and West Africa. This dress can often pass for official or casual wear.


The Kanga is famous among the East African population. Often embellished with intricate patterns and colors, these famous dresses tend to make a statement literally. In other words, Kangas often include Swahili sayings written across the hem of the fabric.

Such dresses can be worn at weddings, church and even as evening wear. It all depends on the design you choose.


Kitenges have been part of the African culture since time immemorial. Such dresses always bring together a number of colors for a beautiful and breathtaking look. Each color and pattern that is part of the dress, screams African culture.

Designers have taken Kitenges to create a variety of looks that have a mix of contemporary fashion. Depending on the design, such dresses are perfect for weddings, events and even church. Some even wear Kitenges to work for an official look.  

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