It is impossible to lack African women in any African function adorning African fabrics. African fabric is the pride of African women. African fabrics were origin discovered by the Dutch,  but have found their way into Africa. African fabrics have spectacular colors, idiosyncratic designs and unique patterns,  making them an emblem of African culture. African fabrics are ingrained in the culture of every African country. Furthermore, there are a variety of African fabrics available. These include:

Kente Fabric

Kente African fabric is primarily found in West Africa, Ghana to be specific. Kente fabric is a brightly colored fabric made of inked material with different designs and patterns. Kente fabric is a combination of interwoven silk and cotton fabrics.

Brocade Fabric

Brocade fabrics are of European origin majorly used in upholsteries and religious cloths. However, brocade fabrics have made their way into Africa. They are very popular in countries such as Mali, which produces the finest brocade fabric in the world. Brocade fabric is made of pure cotton and is hand-dyed before being gently starched. Once dyed, the fabric is an elegant choice for many West Africans.

Kuba Cloth

Kuba cloth is commonly found in Zaire. Kuba cloth is woven from the Raphia vinifera palm, specifically from raffia fibers. They are elaborate and complex in design and surface decoration. Kuba cloths are bold yet intricate, asymmetrical yet balanced and dramatic yet subdued.

Mud Cloth

Mud cloth a traditional handmade Malian cotton fabric dyed with fermented mud. Mud cloth is also referred to as Bogolanfini. The production process of mud cloth involves the whole community and it is a source of pride for Mali.

George Fabric

George fabric has origins in Nigeria. It is beautifully embroidered and comfortable to wear. It is used to make George fabric blouses or head wrappers.

African Prints

African prints are also known as Dutch wax prints. African prints are industrially produced. They are colorful cotton prints with batik printing.

Why African Fabrics?

African fabrics are special for their unique patterns, vibrant colors and handmade quality. Furthermore, there lack of difference in color intensity between the back and front makes them more appealing.

Online Purchase

African fabrics can be purchased from various online platforms. One of the most popular sites is Alibaba. Alibaba offers a variety of African fabrics. Another useful site is Afrizar. Afrizar has options of purchasing African fabrics or ready made clothes. Other sites are E-bay and Etsy. E-commerce makes it easy to buy African fabrics from anywhere in the world. There are many more online stores that specifically sell African fabrics. However, before any purchases, be sure on the reliability of the site. All these online stores give consumers a range of African fabric choices.

There are many other varieties such as the Sheshwe of South Africa, Ankara of Nigeria, Boaoule of Zambia and Chitenge of East Africa.

It is the national pride of any African country to produce any kind of African fabrics. Nowadays, they are incorporated in everyday clothing designs and African prints are the current trend. African fabrics will not drop out of fashion any time soon, not just in Africa but in the whole world as well.

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