You might have seen them on Nollywood (Nigerian movies) or in real life situations, but Nigerian women are known for their outstanding clothing. Nigerian women are famous for adorning themselves with colorful African fabrics. They have a variety of different native fabrics to choose from, which look stylish and gorgeous. The right Ankara fabrics have attractive colors and unique designs. Nigerian women’s clothing offers a blend of two or three colors.  The complete traditional look is very appealing. Nigerian women’s clothing has different categories depending on the fabric or traditional clothing.

Ankara Fabrics

Ankara fabrics are the go-to for many Nigerian women’s clothing. Many colors can be combined to bring out elegance. Combinations such as red and blue or blue and beige work very well. Today, it is popular to combine Ankara fabrics with other fabrics such as lace

Lace blouses and skirts

Nigerian laces are beautiful. Nigerian women’s clothing never lacks lace fabrics. Lace fabrics look elegant when combined with traditional prints skirts or blouses. Lace patterns can either transparent or fairly dense. Nigerian women look refined with an attire made up of a thin lace and large patterns of delicate pastel colors. Nigerian women prefer bright lace colors. At times, lace fabrics can be used as an underskirt in the skirts. Moreover, Nigerian weddings can be characterized lace only wedding dresses with elegant ivory or white colors.

Buba: The Nigerian blouse

This is a loose fitting blouse with long sleeves and a round or V-neck.  Furthermore, we cannot fail to mention peplum blouses when talking about Nigerian women’s clothing. Peplum never goes out of fashion.  Nigerian women look great in peplum blouses and can never lack one or two blouses in their closets. Celebratory blouses are decorated with rhinestones and artificial pearls. Typically, peplum blouses have short or three-quarter sleeves. Peplums can also have open shoulders or round necks.

Iros: The Nigerian Skirt

This refers to the wrap-around skirt worn by Nigerian women.  It is wrapped around the waist and tucked in one end. Nigerian women’s clothing promotes decency. It is no wonder that Nigerian women opt for longer skirts which have varying designs such as mermaid tails. The skirts can either be monochrome or patterns. Different fabric colors can be used as well. Monochrome skirts must be trimmed with embroidery of the same color, a brighter color, silver or gold thread. Patterned fabrics make simple cut skirts. Bright colors are currently popular for skirts. 

Gele: The head wrapper

Gele refers to the traditional head wrapper worn by Nigerian women. It is mostly made from George fabrics. It is impossible to miss a Nigerian woman with gorgeous head wrapper. George style are characterized with beautiful shines and bright colors. There are different ways to wrap it.

Western culture and the proliferation of people in urban centers has led to a westernized way of dressing and the abandonment of traditional clothing. However, many Nigerian women have remained loyal to their clothing and it is possible to spot them in any crowd. Their Gele and Iros demystify Nigerian women from any other country. They are truly a sight to behold.

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