Today, the African man has become more aware of the need to dress fashionably. Gone are the days when man were left behind in the world of fashion. It is surprising that African clothing for men has grown so robustly. Nowadays, more and more male clothing is utilizing African fabrics such as kente or dashiki.

Let us look at the different categories of African clothing for men.

1) Blouses

African men are no longer satisfied with wearing official shirts only. There are many African fabrics that have been exploited to diversify shirts in an African man’s closet. Such African fabrics include:


Dashiki is a loosely colored shirt worn by men.  It originated from West Africa. Today, dashiki is a common African men’s clothing. Dashiki can be in the form of a loosely-fitting pullover with a v-shaped neckline and tailored or embroidered neck and sleeve lines or a loosely fitting shirt. For many Islamic communities, it is accompanied by a Kufi hat. Dashiki can have either bright or pastel colors.  It should be worn with tone down pants.


 Kente fabric is a brightly colored fabric made of inked material with different designs and patterns. The Kente patterns are very sophisticated especially for men’s clothing. Kente shirts appear in beautiful colors. White kente shirts are popular among many African men’s clothing. Furthermore, a kente bow tie or tie can be used on other shirt fabrics to create uniqueness and break monotony. The fabric can also be used to make T-shirts. Kente shirts and T-shirts are very elegant.


Ankara print is a 100% cotton print with vibrant patterns and unique colors. Also referred to as Dutch wax, Ankara is unique for its batik printing. Ankara can be used to make tunics and shirts for men. Ankara shirts have gained popularity in African clothing for men.

2.) Trousers

Men’s trousers can be made from African fabrics such as:


It is common to see African men wearing a shirt and a trouser made from the same Kente fabric. A combination of kente shirts and trousers has become a popular outfit for African men’s clothing. Usually, of the same color, men adorning the kente combination are very appealing especially when attending social events such as weddings.


Ankara trousers are trending. They look fashionable and are comfortable to wear in any event.

3.) Jackets


Kente can be used to embellish jackets made from other fabrics. The time for monochrome jackets is gone. African clothing for men cannot be complete without a pure kente blazer or a hint of Kente fabric on a blazer. This look is very fashionable. Kente jackets and blazers do away with the monotony of dull and plain colors. The intense Kente fabric colors complete an African man’s look


Ankara has redefined jackets and blazers for African’s men clothing. Ankara jackets and blazers look amazing with any trouser or shirt combination. They are a go-to for any social event.

African men’s clothing has really changed in the recent past. This is not the end but just the beginning. The process of redefining African clothing for men is yet to come to an end.

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