African Beauty

A black and beautiful african woman wearing a head wrap modelling for zimex mall

African and African American women are generally beautiful. Their darker skin tones give them a natural look which also implies that they do not need to wear too much make-up. For most African women, make-up is discovered in their teenage years. It is unfortunate that make-up advertisements put women with darker skin tones at a […]

Hair Problems: Hair Loss, Dandruff, Dry & Damaged Hair, Greasy Hair

3 african black women with braids and healthy hair

The weather can commonly cause dryness of the scalp. It is not recommended to expose the scalp or hair to extreme climates. The cold produces dryness and dermatitis. Moisture causes increased frizz. The heat produces itching, sensitivity, increases the production of sebum at the level of the hair follicle in this way obstructs it and […]

7 Most Annoying Skin Problems & How To Fix Them!

A picture showing a black african women with good skin not suffering from the most common skin problems

Years ago women spent excessive amounts of money on the best makeup, the newest products, and the best brands to look splendid and unique. But with the passage of time thanks to articles and research by experts and dermatologists it became known to all the interested public that you will not have an ideal makeup […]

Acne & Pimples: Let’s Talk About Its Causes, Treatment, and Tips

A picture showing a black african american woman with acne pimples on her face

What causes acne or pimples? Acne is a disease of the skin characterized by the appearance of pimples, small bumps painful to the touch and a reddish color, there may be in some pimples the presence of pus resulting in an unaesthetic face. In addition to the pimples, you can also see black spots. This […]

African Black Soap: Discover The ‘Magic’ Of The African Black Soap

A picture showing an african woman using african black soap to wash her body to get rid of acne and to get a smooth skin

African black soap is a skin care product that filled the shelves of both online and offline stores, and rightly so. The soap also referred to as the black soap, has been popularized as the solution to all our skin care problems. Everything from hyperpigmentation, acne, Eczema and rashes, this soap seems to be the […]