What is Cloud storage?

Cloud storage simply means online storage. It allows people to save their data to a remote database (with the help of internet access) instead of making a back-up of the data in local storage devices, such as hard drive.

Why use the Cloud?

The use of Cloud storage has multiplied thrice in the past year. According to statistics, 73% of businesses have planned to choose the Cloud for storing their data. There are many reasons why people prefer the Cloud to save their data. A few of them are mentioned below:

Cloud storage is safe from being hacked as it uses encryption for giving extra security and protection to your data.

 Backing up your data is necessary, but sometimes it slips from our mind. The majority of Cloud storage tools are facilitated with automatic saving of your data, So you don’t need to worry about saving your files anymore. 

Cloud storage provides you a lot of space for storing your data as compared to a computer or hard drives.

The best thing about Cloud storage is that it is accessible every time. It doesn’t matter where you are and what time it is, you can simply open your Cloud on your mobile or desktop anywhere, anytime. 

 Are you tired of sending an important document to every single team member separately? Stop doing that then because Cloud storage offers you ‘Group Sharing’ facility. You can easily share your document with multiple people at a time. 

Cloud vs. Local Storage

A major question that arises here is, which one is better; Cloud storage or local storage? Well, the answer to this question varies with the needs of the person who wants to store the data. We have come up with a few main points that must be considered if someone wants to opt for Cloud storage.

Cloud saves your files online, so you must have access to the internet if you want to open your already saved files.

In Cloud storage, sometimes you get access t0 unlimited bandwidth while sometimes your bandwidth limit is restricted. So, you must confirm the bandwidth range before working on the Cloud.

Is the Cloud right for you?

Deciding if the Cloud is the right choice for you or not, is a tough task. There is no doubt that using Cloud provides you with multiple benefits, but there are some conditions to gain these benefits. The major one is to remain dedicated and committed to learning new skills. Three major reasons to choose Cloud include:

Cloud only asks you for paying only for the resources used by your website. You may choose to pay on a per-minute basis or per-hour basis.

With the growth of your website, the resources needed to run the website also increase. With the help of the Cloud, you can easily scale the resources of your website in just a few minutes.

The modern infrastructure of Cloud is as updated as infrastructures of other large tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

How do I choose the right Cloud storage provider for me?

Before choosing the right Cloud storage provider for yourself, keep these questions in mind.

How much data storage do you require?

It is a big challenge for people to decide how much data storage is enough for them. As per the calculations, 15 GB of storage is enough to keep 5,000 photos, whereas a 100 GB storage allows you to save 33000 photos. The majority of the people prefer to opt for 1 TB unlimited storage. You can choose the advanced Cloud storage plans to get added benefits.

Does Cloud companies have their own data centers?

Before choosing the right Cloud storage solution, everyone wants to make sure that the company they are choosing is capable of taking care of their data or not. Some of the Cloud storage providers have their own data centers while some take services from a third party. 

Are you willing to share your data with your team?

The best thing about Cloud storage is that it allows the group sharing of your data. Sometimes you have to pay for taking this facility (in case of some providers), but it is not too expensive. 

How to get started? 

Google Cloud Tutorial (Get $300 free credit)


To sign up for Google, there are two basic steps:

  1. Enter your email and country name. Tick the ‘Terms of Service’ and click on ‘continue.’
  2. Now choose your account type, fill in your name and address, add your contact info, and choose your payment method. Click on ‘start free trial’ once you have filled all the information.

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