When talking about wellness, it is impossible not to mention CBD. The CBD market is exploding with every kind of CBD products from CBD bath bombs and protein powder to CBD lube being sold in drug stores and on the internet. The great news is that CBD is legal thus it can be accessed from anywhere.

Unfortunately, the CBD market is not very well regulated and the FDA does not rigorously monitor the creation and distribution of CBD. As a result, many brands are not under strict scrutiny on how they concoct, label or sell their cannabis. This has opened the floodgates of counterfeit products being sold to unsuspecting consumers.

Here is how you can ensure that you buy safe, high-quality and pure CBD products:

  1. Buy from the right brands

If you want to buy CBD products, then you need to get to know the legitimacy of brands. The good news is that many legit companies are being transparent and giving consumers the information they need. Buying safe and reliable CBD products means that you need to get to know the brand. Investigate the company and look into how much they know and how much information they are putting out there. Look for brands that control their “farm-to-shelf’ process which ensures that the CBD products that land on the shelves are safe and of high quality.

It is easy for a brand to say anything without a lab report. When buying CBD products, go for brands that have a COA. This certificate is proof that a third-party independent lab tested the product you want to buy and found a number of things. Ask for the COA of the batch number you want to buy. In analyzing the COA, look for the “total cannabinoids” to tell you the potency of the product. The label of the product should match what the COA says.

Also check for any contaminants like pesticides used in growing the hemp plants. This is to ensure that there are no contaminants, toxins or heavy metals in the product that were not labelled but appear on the COA.

It is important to check for the microbiological testing on the COA which tells you whether there was any mold or bacteria in the hemp plant used to make the CBD product.

Lastly, for safety purposes, go for companies that have been selling CBD products for at least 3 years. Such companies can easily show you the labs they are using.

You should be able to tell the origin of the hemp used in your product. This is because hemp absorbs everything around the soil in which it is planted. This includes toxins, heavy metals and any other chemicals you can think of. So that is why you need to know where the hemp used in the CBD product was grown. You should CBD products made from American-based hemp because it is generally safer than hemp grown overseas.

It is easy to buy unreliable CBD products if you don’t have the right knowledge. Don’t be in a hurry to buy the product. Take time to gather all the right information.

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