The use of cannabidiol in the medical field has come a long way especially now that the FDA has approved Epidiolex, a cannabidiol-based drug. The legality of CBD has resulted in its availability all around drug stores and online stores. Unfortunately, the FDA does not regulate the production or manufacturing of the drug. In addition, it does not provide guidelines on the right dosage for consumers. So doctors cannot really prescribe CBD but only provide recommendations because they is no recommended daily allowance or universal dose for all people. So how do you ensure that you are taking the right dosage of CBD?

Consume only the recommended amount

If you are taking cannabidiol, then it is vital that you consume only the recommended serving. When you raise or lower this amount, you may produce the opposite of the desired effect.

Some CBD analysts suggest that you should take 25mg of CBD twice daily and increase the amount you take every 3-4 weeks by 25mg until you attain the desired relief. Inversely, you should decrease the dose by 25mg if the symptoms worsen.

Some dosage recommendations according to illnesses are provided as:

Ideally, beginners in taking CBD usually begin their journey with the minimal suggested CBD dosage on any product then progressively increase the dosage until they achieve the desired results.

When taking other medications, the dosage can be altered because if the interactions between CBD and other drugs. By interacting with certain drugs, CBD can cause an overdose of the drug in your system or inhibit it from actively acting in giving you the desire result.

Everybody is different

There are many variables that make it impossible to have a universally prescribed dosage of CBD. Some of these variables are weight, diet, metabolism, genetic, environment and product consistency.

The best thing to do is to record your daily experiences in a notebook so that you can accurately narrow down to what works best for you. There is really no CBD overdose but increasing the dosage beyond the recommended dosages can result in undesirable consequences. It is good that you talk to your doctor before you begin taking CBD just to be on the safe side.

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