CBD vaping has become a popular choice for people trying to get the maximum benefits out of CBD. Vaping is the act of using a drug through some sort of inhaling instrument for example a vape or bong. CBD users prefer vaping to oral ingestion because the latter has a 15% bioavailability while increases bioavailability by 50% making the effects to be felt more quickly.

The high bioavailability of vaping CBD increases its efficiency in aiding in a number of health issues such as offsetting neuropsychiatric disorders etc.

CBD is available in various concentrates and extracts, commonly CBD oil which can be used in vaping.

CBD products that can be vaped include:

-CBD wax

-CBD shatter

-CBD crumble

-CBD butter etc.

 CBD vaping is useful for people who need instant CBD hits in less time. In addition, it is very effective for those experiencing chronic pain or sharp bursts.

When vaping, the CBD products need to be heated before taking, a process that requires a lot of attention. The CBD product is applied to a hot surface and then inhaled. The process is technically referred to as flash vaporization and the temperature should be just right not to cause the concentrate to combust.

CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is a hardened form of CBD found in most regular CBD products have. CBD shatter has consistent effects. As a result, a user gets the same level of effects every time they are vaping it. 

CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are viewed as the best form of CBD isolate in the market today majorly because they boast of 98% purity. When vaping CBD crystals, the powder can be mixed with e-liquids for better results.


CBD wax is also referred to as CBD concentrate and is of high quality and very pure CBD.

 CBD wax is extracted from the stalks of the hemp plant which are rich in CBD. It has a relatively firm texture and breaks easily.

There are various available vaping tools which should be handled with care. Remember that CBD vaping is a process of vaporizing CBD products and not combustion. Some common tools that you will need for CBD vaping are:

-dabbing rig to heat up the nail. Place the concentrate on the nail for vaporization

-quartz, titanium or ceramic nails to give different flavors

-carb cap dabber. This helps you to place the concentrate on the hot nail safely

-dab rag/mat. It acts as a stand for the rig

-torch to heat up the nail

-electronic nail. This is an alternative to the torch

The keys to for safe CBD vaping are:

-stay away from low quality products as they may have negative effects

-proper use of the heating devices such as vapes and bongs to avoid injuries

-keep away from self-made dabs to use for vaping because it is impossible to determine the purity of the product

-if you are a beginner, start with small doses

There are different ways of taking CBD products like oral ingestion. But CBD vaping seems to be the preferred choice for many CBD users and for good reasons.

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