The cannabis plant consists of thousands of unique compounds known as phyto-cannabinoids. These chemical compounds are like CBD, THC and many more. CBD and THC are the cannabinoids more interest in medicine due to its proven medical benefits such as treating pain. In addition, CBD and CBD products have become very prevalent because of their results in treating various medical conditions that would otherwise have no sort of treatment.

Generally, there are two forms of CBD: CBD isolate and whole plant CBD or full spectrum CBD. The difference between the two arises in their compositions. On one hand, CBD isolate contains pure CBD cannabinoid while whole-plant CBD contains

The difference in quality between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD is determined by the extraction process.

CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum

CBD isolate is a pure CBD compound and is a whitish powder. In addition, it contains no other active compounds. On the other hand, whole plant CBD contains other active plant compounds besides CBD. These compounds are other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBL, CBCVA and cannabis terpenes (aromatic compounds).

Besides the presence of different cannabinoids, there are other differences between CBD isolate and whole plant CBD which are:

1.) Differences in composition

CBD isolate contains purified CBD. Full spectrum CBD contains CBD and all other cannabinoids found in marijuana plants which are CBN, CBG, THCV, and THC among others.

2.) Differences based on uses

CBD isolate is a pure form of cannabis but it only functions effectively in the presence of other cannabinoids. This implies that whole plant CBD is more effective in treating a majority of medical conditions unlike CBD isolate.

CBD isolate powder is now used in peopleโ€™s daily remedies by mixing it with oil and adding it to their coffee or use it to make edibles. Nevertheless, whole plant CBD is most preferred by users due to its efficiency in treating a variety of ailments from anxiety to diabetes to chronic pain and continue to effectively do so.

Unfortunately, the other cannabinoids in full spectrum CBD may have negative effects that may be lacking in CBD isolate.

3.) Difference in consumption method

CBD isolate is mostly vaped while whole plant CBD is consumed by applying it sublingually, topically or taking it as capsules.

In conclusion, whole plant CBD is more preferred to CBD isolate because full spectrum CBD has a variety of cannabinoid compounds which have more health benefits to offer than the CBD isolate which only contains CBD alone. Nevertheless, as with any other medication, the use of CBD as an isolate or whole plant is determined by the individual user and their needs. Different people have different needs and either CBD isolate or whole plant CBD may be more effective in meeting those needs.

A simple inference can be made that CBD isolate is pure CBD while whole plant CBD is โ€˜impureโ€™ CBD. Both CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD are used for medical purposes but the latter is more efficient than the former.

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