Years ago women spent excessive amounts of money on the best makeup, the newest products, and the best brands to look splendid and unique. But with the passage of time thanks to articles and research by experts and dermatologists it became known to all the interested public that you will not have an ideal makeup if you do not take care of your skin properly.

Therefore, in recent years it has been a tendency for more women to get involved in the wave of skin care and look young and healthy.

Most of the time your makeup does not look perfect it is due to imperfections or skin problems. Acne, dryness, spots, oily skin, are the most common causes that affect the skin.

I will give you recommendations to give you a second chance to those makeup products that you thought were of poor quality or that did not work, simply because they did not look good on your skin. It is time to try these simple solutions for skin care that will improve the appearance and will benefit you.

Your skin is the best canvas.

For makeup to last for hours your skin must be properly hydrated, so I invite you to apply a serum, they are of rapid absorption, they do not leave a greasy or sticky feeling on your skin and help to retain water on the skin, It moisturizes to depth and you can wear a wonderful skin during the day or night.

Also, after makeup you can seal it with thermal water to lengthen the life of your makeup and especially your foundation, do not crack.

Baggy Eyes!

Dark circles have various causes of appearance, the most prominent are, poor nutrition (high in carbohydrates, sugar and refined flour), lack of hydration, pregnancy, genetic causes. Therefore many women who have dark circles are responsible for covering them with a large amount of makeup without trying to solve the problem with another solution.

The area under the eyes has the finest skin on the body and is extremely delicate. It is the area where dark circles and bags are formed under the eyes, it is an area that tends to be very made up to cover imperfections and sometimes we do not give the necessary previous care to take care of it and keep it hydrated.

The care is important, it should provide moisture, nutrients, and vitamins that prevents the appearance and accentuation of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

For this reason, it is common to note that the concealer of dark circles is introduced into the small wrinkles located under the eyes and in the case of dark circles its brown or violaceous coloration is much more noticeable. I give you easy solutions so you can improve these annoying imperfections.

If you notice that the makeup under the eyes is cracked means lack of moisture, to others, the foundation and concealer of dark circles will not seem so smooth on your skin. Therefore I give you the following recommendations:


In the case of bags under the eyes can be a result of stress, not sleeping 7 hours a day during the night, exhaustion, hereditary factors. Some tips that I can give you are:

Dry Lips

The lipstick is a product used every day, it gives color and expressiveness to your face in a few seconds, you may not have absolutely any makeup but there is nothing a cute lipstick color cannot do for you.

But, if you are one of the women who usually have a problem with their lips due to dryness, you have to take special care for this area to be able to show off your favorite lipstick in the best way.

The skin of the lips is very sensitive and is exposed to saliva that has a pH that contact with the lips produces dryness. If you are one of those who tends to moisten them with saliva constantly instead of moisturizing them with a balm, do not do it anymore! The problem will never disappear.

To eliminate this bad habit of your life I invite you to buy a moisturizing balm and use it as part of your skin care routine in the morning and at night, you will feel the difference instantly.

What better lip balm than one that possesses as a main ingredient a powerful hyaluronic acid load? Neutrogena lip treatment provides intense hydration for 24 hours, application by day or night is recommended. The hyaluronic acid helps to fill, hydrate and improve the texture of your lips instantly.


There are situations that with the passing of the years cannot be hidden with makeup and are wrinkles and fine lines of expression. In addition, when you have a diet high in sodium, do not sleep well and the person suffering from stress appear the fearsome bags under the eyes.

These annoying but very common problems in women can be solved. You must apply a good specific moisturizer for this area, serum with essential oils and powerful nutrients to help reduce inflammation and decongest the bags under the eyes and in terms of wrinkles can help reduce and even eliminate (depending on the depth) the lines of expression.

It is perfect for deep hydration around the eyes, the gel is absorbed quickly and the texture is very light.

It contains the complete squadron of nutrients and assets that will return the light to your eyes. Enriched with Squalane, niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3), green tea extract, Swiss apple stem cell extract, and the eyeseryl and argireline peptides to reduce the color of dark circles, reduce bags under the eyes and moisturize this delicate and important area of ​​the face.

Say goodbye to acne

Acne is a problem for most! Whether by genetics, only a recurrent outbreak or by allergy some product, we can all suffer at some point in life but I bring you the solution to make your skin look clear of pimples and feel satisfied.

It is an exfoliant that will not be aggressive with your skin, leaving it with a smooth texture and free of impurities. Contains powerful ingredients such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid and lactic acid that will fight with the excessive production of sebum, dilated pores, eliminates dark spots on the skin, black spots, and annoying pimples. Best of all, it is a dermatological product and is suitable for all skin types, be sure to try it!


Most women suffer from hyperpigmentation and we do not have a uniform skin tone. Whether due to hormonal causes, acne scars, spots or opaque areas, we always look for ways to correct imperfections and achieve a uniform skin tone. I bring you two proposals that you will love:

This magnificent serum is a potent dew of vitamin C in your skin. It is a unique blend of 20% vitamin C that will benefit your skin.

The action of the alpha hydroxy acids derived from 7 fruits in conjunction with the extract of Japanese angelica root, act as powerful antioxidants that help to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, improve the shine of the skin and eliminate dark spots and scars providing the skin a uniform appearance and tone.

It is a powerful concealer created by Vichy, specialists in dermatology and skin care for years. This wonderful product comes in different colors (yellow, purple, green, peach) that helps the buyer to choose the precise shade to cover the imperfection. It is also water resistant and easy to integrate with the skin will help cover in an aesthetic way acne, rosacea, spots, dark circles for a time of 24 hours!

Oily Skin

Oily skin is a problem that affects the skin and the makeup finish. Whether you have the bright and oily sensation (on the nose, chin, forehead, cheeks or the whole face), it is a problem that has a solution and with the indicated products you will reduce the oily sensation of your skin.

It is the fair and necessary experience that all women who have oily and mixed skin need. It is a cleanser and exfoliant at the same time, when you put the product in contact with the face you will feel the microparticles sweeping and eliminating all the dead cells and impurities and then melt your face in foam, yes! It becomes a foam bath for your skin.

Contains Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract that helps to diminish the pores and soften the texture of the skin and leopard Lily to reduce incredibly the sebum production in the skin. Thanks to this dual cleanser you can say goodbye to the oily sensation!

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